See you on July 4, 2019! Please donate to Our community fireworks! Thank you Lewes!

Lewes Beach Viewing, Parking & Getting Around

The fireworks will be launched off a barge 1500 feet off of Lewes Beach One shortly after dusk on July 4. 

Lewes Beach will be fireworks central, of course! That also means parking will be a challenge and parking space will be extremely limited.  Please understand that there are only two roads in and out to the beach. EXPECT to wait in traffic if you leave right after the fireworks.  If  you want to leave right after the show please consider parking across the bridge and walking from town.  

Parking will be strictly enforced on Lewes Beach. Please do not park illegally, on private property, or block access to roadways or driveways. Use consideration when parking on residential streets. 

Metered parking will be extended, in effect, and enforced until 9:00 PM on July 4th at the Beach One and Beach Two parking lots: 

Beach One-

Beach Two-

PLAN AHEAD AND EXPECT DELAYS.  Please consider carpooling, walking, or biking to limit  the number of vehicles on the Lewes Beach roads and to conserve parking. Scroll down for alternative viewing ideas. Fireworks should be visible from many spots in town too! Viewing the fireworks from an alternate location in town is a good choice if you are concerned about leaving quickly after the fireworks or have any medical needs that are time-sensitive.  

Remember, there are only two roads that go over the canal to Lewes Beach.  Traffic will be delayed leaving the beach on both the Savannah Road and Freeman Highway bridges. In 2018 cars staggered in throughout the day, but everyone left at the same time. Let's not repeat that. Linger on the beach after the show, park in town and walk to the beach, or view from the other side of the canal. These are all ways to avoid sitting in traffic in your car after the show. 

At the present time no special shuttle buses are planned. Check the DART website for information about the Route 204 bus that runs to Lewes Beach from the Lewes Park & Ride Terminal. Be sure to verify holiday schedule:

The Cape May Lewes Ferry is hosting a free viewing event on their lawn from 6:00-9:30 with parking available, until it fills up. There will be live music and activities for kids. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details or click here:

Comfort Stations:  In addition to the restrooms in the Beach One parking lot, there will be additional porta-potties for July 4th, thanks to Clean Delaware Inc.! The additional Porta Potties will be at the following locations: Beach One parking lot, Beach Two parking lot, Roosevelt Inlet parking lot, Cedar Avenue by the Children's Beach House, south side of Savannah Road at Cedar Avenue, and at the Police/Fire/EMT command center by Queen Anne's Pier.  More comfort stations will be added for 2019.

PLEASE be the patient, polite, and law-abiding citizens that make Lewes great everyday. These are our fireworks and we need to respect both private and city property, along with the civil servants whose job it is to protect and enforce. We can all do our part in making our inaugural fireworks show a success.  Remember, the Lewes fireworks are citizen funded and a "For the People, By the People" show.


Where Will We Be Able To See The Fireworks?

Anywhere at Lewes Beach


Prime viewing should be anywhere along the beach, from Roosevelt Inlet to Cape Henlopen State Park. 

However, the viewing area should extend into town too. A test drone was sent up in March 2018 to the location where the Fireworks will explode. If the drone took a pic of your location, then you should be able to see the fireworks. Check out the Drone photos below!

Higher Elevations or taller buidlings in the City of Lewes


Avoid the crowds on the beach if you have a birds-eye view in town or can spot a great viewing location on the drone pics below. 

Be creative and find your own perfect perch in town to avoid beach traffic!

The Viewing Area Should be Wide


Our test drone was even spotted from the Lewes Boat Ramp. Check out the drone pictures below to see how large the viewing area might be. If the drone can see you, then you should be able to see the fireworks!

Check out some of the photos taken from in town Lewes locations in 2018 below.

Watch the Fireworks at the Cape May- Lewes Ferry

Park and Watch at the Lewes Ferry Terminal!

Parking is VERY Limited on Lewes Beach and parking laws will be enforced. Park legally at the Ferry and stay for the festivities on site or walk to the beach to watch.

The Delaware River Bay Authority/Cape May Lewes Ferry will be partnering with us again this year by hosting a fireworks watching event with live entertainment on the lawn at the Lewes Ferry Terminal. More details will be posted when they are available. 

The Delaware State Police will be assisting with traffic management this year, which should help the traffic flow. Still, expect delays if you leave right after the fireworks. 


Pets & Fireworks


Everyone Loves Their Pets

Some people have expressed concerns about pets and fireworks. We listened. In fact, several members of the committee are animal rescuers. We love our pets too! That is why we are strongly recommending that you leave your dog securely at home during the fireworks. While dogs are allowed on Lewes Beach after 6:30 pm, many dogs are frightened by fireworks. Please see the links below for ideas on keeping your dog safe and happy on July 4th.

More Dogs Go Stray on July 4th Than On Any Other Day

Unfortunately, more pets run off on this day than any other, especially dogs. Due to the increased traffic expected on the beach this could be a very dangerous situation. It's not worth the risk. 

For more information: